►►► "Incantation" is the work of Philippe Neau who combined his world of sounds and the esraj notes I played for him and the street recordings I have made around the Chausathi Temple in Varanasi (INDIA)
Philippe leads us to have a personal journey made of emotions, movements and sound scrolls.
Take your ticket to an enchanting and voluptuously dark adventure !" (MKF)

Composed by nobodisoundz with MKF's field recordings in Varanasi and his esraj sounds
Mastered by Ullapul
Artwork by Philippe Neau


►►► MKF'sApproach


released September 24, 2015


"Born on the banks of the Ganges river, the sounds crossed the distance, mutated and mixed, to create this very unique piece of sonic poems...
Some called incantation, magically brewed by MKF and nobodisoundz."
David Furodet (headmanager of Dhatura records)

"Une place Une ambiance Les traces du temps Et puis le vent qui passe Qui efface les traces Même ceux des traitres Les mouvements semble s’étirer Dans le jeux des tissus Il n’y a plus de dessus Il n’y a plus de dessous Une ligne de pierre qui résonne Comme deux montagnes Il n’y a pas d’issu De place pour s’échapper C’est une boucle qui n’en fini plus Un souffle pour une question Pour une réponse Mais pas une solution."
Réjean Desrosiers © 2015 09 13 ☮ 002

"New album by Nobodisoundz in collaboration with MKF. Excerpts of Eastern flavor melodies, made with string instruments and voices, give life to the electronic textures, creating a very well balanced and suggestive sound. Released by French label dhatūrā records, a work I recommend."
by Ra Sonologyst (Unexplained Sounds, FB - 25.09..2015)




philippe neau Cheval Blanc, France

experimental soundscape +

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