lONg grEY miST, sEt the seasoN on FIRE

by METEK + nobodisoundz



"lONg grEy miST, sEt the seasoN on FIRE" is a collaboration between prolific soundmakers METEK and nobodisoundz, both already having their solo releases on Mahorka. For this inititative they began exchanging sounds with idea of producing a collaboration track. The idea developed with more tracks finished, utilizing two initial sound sources (samples) from each artist for each track. "We try to find a common denominator so as to deliver unique new sound environment (for us)". The selection of finished tracks was mixed in a one-track sound journey which we present to you here.

At the time they started to work on the collaboration, nobodisoundz was reading a graphic novel about ecology, named Saison Brune by Philippe Squarzoni (available here: www.editions-delcourt.fr/special/saisonbrune/). And this is where much of the inspiration for the music, the title of the release itself and the play of capital and small letters in it that can also read "ON EST EN FIRE” (in french / english) come from. Because there is urgency (fire!)." Ivo Petrov, headmanager

(cc) mhrk139

cover artwork : nobodisoundz




released August 20, 2014


" And here it is the second post of last night. A collaboration between Metek and Nobodisoundz. In the past I listened to various works by these two artists, so it was funny for me to discover the hand of one or another during listening of the long single track album they played. Metek is a great sound designer and noise maker, while Nobodisoundz has more attitude with ambient composition and electroacoustic approach. So for those who didn't know well their music as single authors, you can enjoy a perfect fusion of both dna codes into a unique new polimorphic creature. Noise, improvisation, concrete samples, you'll find many ingredients blended with mastery by musicians. Really a surprise for me. ****"
by Ra Sonologyst (Unexplained Sounds, FB)




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philippe neau Cheval Blanc, France

experimental soundscape +

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