by mitosis



mitosis (greek: μίτος mitos "warp thread") is nuclear division plus cytokinesis, and produces two identical daughter cells during prophase, prometaphase, metaphase, anaphase, and telophase ۞

written, recorded, performed, produced and mixed by mitosis, that are:
benjamin silva-pereira
nuno ribeiro
philippe neau
featuring steven rosser (on mitosis 3) ۞

all artwork by philippe neau: 'landmoon', painting on paper, 65x50 cm ۞
sleeve design & manipulation by benjamin silva-pereira ۞

philippe neau is a visual and sound artist. his paintings and videos show a "mental landscape". his music suggests this imaginary landscape made with non-narrative music, atonal melodies, glitch worrying, metallic textures, hollow field-recording, abstract notes and organic sound-collage. a dark atmosphere lives and integrates the "listener/viewer". soundscapes take him in a large-full sound and dives in an experiment of an intriguing sound space. ۞

nuno ribeiro is an exploratory musician and exotic manipulator of contemporary sound sculptures of various influences where he synthesizes all his sonority in an atmospheric and intense cinematic environment. he moves between minimalist compositions and chaotic textures. he takes us on a plastic and imaginary sound journey in its complex universe, transporting us to idyllic landscapes or dark and obscure sonorities. self-taught, composer and producer, he works and develops other musical projects in groups, collaborations and solo. + ۞

benjamin silva-pereira, 50, portuguese living in london, is the son of a castrator and a dressmaker. writer, poet, non-musician audio-maker (last solo work being 'pianos & other altercations), collagist of sorts, radio fanatic, he is, too, the founder of the non-profit catalogue of wonders (arts). he is currently finishing the first draft of his monumental 300,000 plus novel 'the anointed: in our angelhood.' + + ۞

© 2016 catalogue of wonders (arts)™, london | this compilation | the copyright in this sound recording is owned by nuno ribeiro, philippe neau & benjamin silva-pereira under exclusive licence to catalogue of wonders (arts)™, london | | ۞



released December 17, 2016



all rights reserved


philippe neau Cheval Blanc, France

experimental soundscape +

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