by philippe neau



" Deep, intense, dark, massive, atmospheric, inspired and inspiring... This is nUun, an incredible experience for your ears, your heart and your soul. " David Furodet (headmanager)

Written and recorded by nobodisoundz

Mastering by Julien Palomo

Artwork by nobodisoundz


Available for download or as a limited edition of hand-made CDs



released June 12, 2014


" Friends of experimental and avant-gardenistic music are in for a treat. I came across this release, "nUun" by nobodisoundz when I was browsing the catalogue of Dhatūrā records. I listened to this release when it first came out. Now that Radio NFTM and Dhatūrā records started to work together, I felt that the timing for a review is perfect.
The album starts with full force right from the start. No gentle introduction, no hints of what's ahead. Straight to the point.
I have to admit that I like that.
The atmosphere is dark and twisted. A lot of low frequencies, static effects and gentle noise goes on throughout the album. This is the kind of music one should listen to while walking around the town when the sky is grey and it's raining. This is the kind of music that makes you stare at people in a weird way when you're in a train. This is the kind of music that makes you want to be quiet, watch the world and wonder what the hell is actually going on.
Truly, the sounds produced in this album come from an interesting mind.
"strUNge" is my personal favorite of the tracks. That low, humming sound that feels like it goes behind your ears combined with the higher sounds, clicks and samples all make the perfect combination of.. what? What's the proper term for this? Saying "a track" isn't quite enough. Sure, it's a track, but it's also more than that. "A work of art"? I don't like using that sentence, mainly because it has become a bit pretentious and overused in certain groups.. I'm going to say "a wonderful piece of audio" and let the listeners find out for themselves.
The atmosphere doesn't give up even when the album is coming to its end. I feel like this whole listening session has been a twisted circus that I've been invited to. Safe to say, this is a show I will be returning to.
Now is the time for me to invite you, dear reader, to take your front row tickets from your pocket and enjoy.. this."

Juha-Matti Katajamäki
a review of "nUun"on Radio NFTM Music Reviews

" NobodiSoundz, have created an atmospheric and experimental album that can reach the darker recesses of your imagination better than any novel could hope to.
nUun is an album filled with glitches, clicks, the sounds of jacks being plugged and unplugged, electronic hums and sounds that possibly are only heard elsewhere by positioning yourself within a safe distance from the sun." (...)
Tom Byrne

a review of "nUun" on Sound & Vision blog

"Plasticien dark ambient, Nobodisoundz accommode mieux que jamais immersion narrative et abstraction conceptuelle sur ce nouvel opus édité par le label grenoblois Dhatūrā. nUun gronde, scintille dans la pénombre, égraine les arpèges inquiétants et les pulsations caverneuses façon John Carpenter (stUNgmutan), travaille la matière suintante de ses field recordings cryptiques sur fond d’idiophones déglingués, de piano atonal et de glitchs organiques, brouille nos repères sensoriels, nous perd dans son dédale de textures mentales et nous retrouve suspendus aux moindres manifestations ectoplasmiques de cet espace sonore résolument intrigant. (...)"
Rabbit (+ nono, Riton, Elnorton)

a review of "nUun" on IndieRockMag webzine





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