of rust, grain and atmospher

by nobodisoundz + Other Matter



"Etched Traumas is more than happy to present the collaborative work of nobodisoundz and other matter. ‘of rust, grain and atmospher’ album is a sonic collage of dark and soulful electrified elements. A panorama of distorted pads, electric guitar improvisations and synthesized ambient sounds.
It is a cinematic journey: corrosive atmosphere and last transmissions from an underground shelter; a perfect soundtrack for ‘Dead Man's Letters’ (Письма мёртвого человека) film directed by Konstantin Lopushansky." (Joseph Ba, headmanager)

written and performed by :
nobodisoundz : digital and analogue synths,
field recordings and sound manipulation
other matter : synthesizer and electric guitar

mixed and produced by nobodisoundz

Photography and Drawing by nobodisoundz
Cover Design by BroodingSideOfMadness

►►► VIDEO : www.youtube.com/watch?v=CSKo_pV-Hlc




released November 13, 2014



" Very creative collaboration between Nobodisoundz and Other matter. This release for Etched Traumas label is a mature work in ambient and improvisation territory., with a richness of acoustic parts perfectly blended with synths and electronic elements. The sound is minimal, discreet and always elegant. You'll fully appreciate it listening more than one time. Highly recommended." wrote by Ra Sonologyst (in Unexplained Sounds, FB, 2014.11.15)

"mais on dirait la musique d' avant la musique ; les bruits se polissant tels des galets pour devenir du son....? Des "élevages de poussières " ..., des tempêtes dans des champs sonores encore vierges ....des laves incandescentes qui se refroidissent lentement..., de l'énergie contenue qui retombe en strates...; une "archéologie du son" ??.... " (Artemisia Alias Pavel / 15.12.2014)

Je renie chaque arrivé
Je me ferme
Je me ferme
Je m’enferme pour ne plus partir
Je me terre
Je me taie
Je me traîne pour ne plus me faire voir
Je voyage à l’envers
En me montrant la nuit
En regardant l’ennuie
Et l’heure qui se perd
Qui reprend sa jeunesse
Je renie chaque arrivé
Je renie ma naissance
Je ne peux pas
Pas recommencer
Je renie la vie
L’envie de croire
Réjean Desrosiers © 2014 11 13 ☮ 003




all rights reserved


philippe neau Cheval Blanc, France

experimental soundscape +

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